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Jura Z10 Review
Hot and Cold Coffee at the Touch of a Button

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By Matt Woodburn-Simmonds

Hot and cold coffee? From a super-automatic espresso machine? Surely not. These are the initial thoughts we had upon reading about the newest Jura machine. It sounded too good to be true. So we obviously had to try it out and do a Jura Z10 review to see if we should be as excited as we think we should be.

The Jura Z10 is an exceptional espresso machine that is absolutely worth the price tag if you’re a fan of iced coffee. More than just a gimmick, the cold coffees are superb and with Jura’s signature looks and build quality the Z10 can churn them out for the next decade.

Here you’ll find our complete Jura Z10 review and buying guide. We spent time playing with all the settings, trying all the drinks, and cleaning the whole machine to see what living with the Z10 would actually be like.

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At a Glance: Jura Z10 Review

Jura Z10 Diamond Black - Review product image

Jura Z10

The Z10 is a remarkable coffee machine that does something that no other fully automatic coffee machines can do: brew cold coffee. Whatever little foibles we may have with it (where is my milk container?!), we can’t fault it’s looks, build or performance in any way.

The sticking point is mainly financial. With a high price tag, it has to be vastly superior to a low cost coffee machine. And it is. I’d like the screen to be easier to use and the app to be less clunky, but these are small issues.

If you’re looking for an awesome coffee machine and the Jura Z10 is in your budget you should buy it, no question. Just buy a milk container and some whiskey rocks at the same time.

If you don’t like cold brew coffee, then look at the Jura E8 or Breville Oracle Touch instead. Both are stunning machines with top end coffee making skills and awesome performance. But if you think an iced latte on a summer day sounds nice, there is nothing else out there like the Z10.


  • Makes 28 specialty coffees
  • 8 cold brew coffee options
  • Special grinder adjusts automatically to the brewing method
  • Can be controlled remotely
  • Near endless customization options
  • Superb espresso and milk foam


  • Expensive
  • Milk container sold separately
  • App and touchscreen a bit awkward

Average Rating

  • Espresso Quality: 10/10
  • Milk Quality: 10/10
  • Drinks Options: 10/10
  • Value for Money: 7/10
  • Overall Rating: 9.5/10

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key features icon

Key Features Review

1. Product Recognising Grinder

The grinder will automatically adjust the grind size to suit the coffee selected. It is smart enough to grind more finely for short coffees like ristretto and coarser for longer coffees and cold brew specialty coffees.

2. Cold Extraction Process

Eight cold brew specialty coffees are available at the touch of a button.

3. Height and Width Adjustable Dual Spout

Not only can you adjust the height to fit your favorite coffee cup, but you can also adjust the width. This means you can use whichever 2 cups you have to hand.

4. J.O.E. App Compatible

Customize, save, and pour your morning brew from your phone with the excellent app. Set it to go from the comfort of your bed and have a perfectly brewed coffee waiting when you step into the kitchen.

5. 10 Coffee Strength Settings

Choose from 6-16g of coffee per brewing cycle to get your perfect coffee punch

6. 10 Milk/Foam Temperature Settings

Lava hot latte? Cool cappuccino? No problem – the Jura Z10 will always have your back.

7. Automated Cleaning

Self-cleaning protocols keep your machine in perfect working condition without the hassle of cleaning it yourself. When you’re splashing the cash, you want to know that your espresso machine is going to stand the test of time and the Z10 is definitely on your side.

8. Easy to Use Interface

The gorgeous touchscreen on the Jura Z10 makes selecting, customizing, and saving your perfect coffee easy for casual coffee drinkers and coffee fanatics.

Jura Z10 - Front View
ease of use icon

Is the Jura Z10 Easy to Use?

Yes, it’s very easy to use. But can be a bit overwhelming.

You have three options when it comes to brewing coffee on your Jura Z10 automatic coffee machine: touch screen, rotary dial on the side, or the J.O.E. smartphone app.

If, like me, you love playing with the settings, the smartphone app is a superb way to use the Z10. They boast that the app is now “twice as fast” which is nice, but does beg the question of “how bad it was previously?”. The user experience on the app is a little dated, but it works just fine and is perfect to save your favorite coffees too.

When you start using the Jura Z10, it can be a bit overwhelming with all the different specialty coffee options. Plus, it’s easy to accidentally start making the wrong drink while swiping on the touchscreen, we used the rotary dial or app to avoid this.

But once you get used to it, it’s so easy to set up your favorite drinks. Simply hold down on the drink you want to customize for 2 seconds to bring up the “customization menu.” From here you can adjust the strength, temperature, length, milk, and all the other things you want. The Z10 will save these settings so its “one touch” for your perfect latte, cappuccino, espresso, cortado, and so on.

On a rainy afternoon, it’s worth taking the time to set up all your favorite coffees so you don’t have to think about it when you’re tired or *ahem* hungover. Coffee preferences can be saved on the machine so you don’t have to select everything, every time.

A good thing to do is add a “new screen” with your favorite coffees on it. In the settings, you can “add a new screen” which will then be blank and you press each slot for 2 seconds, scroll to the drink you want to add, press and hold for 2 seconds on the drink to enter the settings, then save it to the screen. This way you get a totally personal coffee menu.

Automatic coffee machines are supposed to make brewing coffees easier and the Jura Z10 automatic coffee machine does that.

Milk Frothing

The quality of the foam produced by Jura coffee machines is not in question – it’s brilliant, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You have 10 milk temperatures to play with, up to 150°F (66°C), and can happily fiddle with the milk-to-foam ratio to your heart’s content. There’s no functionality for latte art at this stage, but maybe on a future generation.

The quantity of milk is measured in seconds, to be fair to them I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to use ml or g, you get used to it pretty fast. Here is a rough estimate of how much milk you get per second.

1 second of hot milk = 6ml (0.2 fl oz)

1 second foam = 4-5g (0.14-0.17 oz)

It’s really hard to judge the precise amount of foam in volume but hopefully, this helps.

Here is my biggest annoyance with the Z10 though, you don’t get a milk container with it. You can pay $40 or so for the Jura branded jug that you keep in the fridge, or just put the hose in any old jug you have lying around.

If you’re feeling very fancy, you can buy one of Jura’s special milk containers that keep milk at a perfect 4C for you and connect directly to their machines, at a cost of $300 or so. These things are a real pain to clean too, so keep that in mind.

Jura Z10 - Options for milk foam
coffee beans icon

Grounds, Whole Beans, or Pods?

As with all automatic coffee machines, the Jura Z10 uses whole beans.

To get the best out of your machine you have to use good quality espresso beans. After all, if you put rubbish coffee beans in, you get rubbish coffee out.

The fancy new grinder technology, or your own brilliance at selecting the grind size, will ensure every drink is perfectly extracted for full flavor. It should also be mentioned that the new grinder is slightly quieter than the Z8 too, which is nice.

The bean hopper lid has a good rubber seal to keep your beans fresh for longer too, a simple feature that is weirdly absent on so many high-end espresso machines.

There is the customary chute for pre-ground coffee for the occasional decaf, flavored, or any other kind of coffee that isn’t your usual and you want to have on hand in pre-ground form. This is pretty standard on other fully automatic coffee machines too.

Just a note on the cold brew options, if you use pre-ground cold brew coffee the grind size won’t match what the Jura Z10 is expecting. This means your cold brew coffees may be a bit rubbish – either thin and watery or bitter and over-extracted. But hot drinks will work perfectly.

To get the best results from your shiny new automatic espresso machine, you need to start with the best espresso beans.

Check out the top choices from experts throughout the coffee industry:

design and build quality icon

Design & Build Quality Review of the Jura Z10

The Looks

I quickly run out of new words to describe how great Jura coffee machines look, and the Jura Z10 automatic coffee machine is no exception:

It’s beautifully engineered with an aluminum front and plastic casing. The large touchscreen display and chrome details on the front of the machine and spouts add a sleek flash under your kitchen lights. It looks like a seriously premium piece of kit, which of course it is. Sleek, minimalist, stylish, and classy, are all good words to describe the Jura Z10.

As with almost all super automatic espresso machines, the Jura Z10 is not a small coffee machine. It stands at 15 inches high by 12.5 inches wide by 17.7 inches deep. So, it’s going to take up quite a lot of space on your counter. Remember that the bean hopper is on the top too, so you need access to it for refills.

The water tank has a lovely geometric pattern on it, which not only makes it look great but also means if you scratch it over time it won’t be as noticeable as with a sheer plastic one. It is only on the outside too so no need to worry about trying to clean all those little crevices.

It’s going to be the focal point of almost any kitchen unless you have a particularly impressive stove or some incredible sculpture.

Jura Z10 touchscreen

The Build

The Jura Z10 continues the company’s reputation for high build quality and precision design. A couple of things of note on the Z10 are that even things like the drip tray feel solid and premium. Some of the other Jura models have quite flimsy feeling drip trays and grounds bins, it’s not a problem it’s just something we notice. The Z10 feels solid in every single element, even down to these less sexy parts.

The bean hopper has a rubber seal and fits very snugly so your 9.9oz of coffee beans stay as fresh as possible and the beautifully crafted water reservoir holds a staggering 81 oz of water. The whole machine weighs 27lbs, there’s a lot of complex machinery and motors in there adding weight, I can’t think why you’d consider moving this thing around unless you’re moving apartment/house so the weight doesn’t bother me at all. I’d be more concerned if it was light.

The new stainless steel grinder, well new for the Jura Z range, with its automatic adjusting for each coffee is still a reliable high-quality grinder that should last a decade or so of use. The slightly quieter grinding vs earlier Jura coffee makers is a nice bonus. It is also a feature on the Jura Giga 6, but that’s a full $1500 more than even the Z10 (compare them both, here).

We love the fact the coffee spouts adjust horizontally as well as vertically. Ok so we don’t own any cups that require them to move horizontally but I like that I have the option to do this if I want.


One other thing to mention is that the Smart Connect is now over wifi instead of a Bluetooth dongle. It is also included on the Z10, which it isn’t on many other Jura machines. You have to be on the same network as the machine and it only works over 2.4GHz WiFi. If you use 5Ghz WiFi, or run things off different networks in your house, its better to get the smart connect Bluetooth dongle and use that.

You have to manually turn the machine on and run some water through it before making coffee anyway. The dream of ordering a coffee from your bed with the machine switched off downstairs is still just a dream sadly.

coffee quality icon

How Good is the Coffee from the Jura Z10?

Starting by looking at the espresso coffee, the base unit of most specialty coffees, you get full-bodied, syrupy rich espresso.

We prefer a 1:2 ratio of coffee in, to espresso out. So we used the strength setting 8/10 on the Z10 and turned the espresso volume down to 1oz, 2oz is the default. This leaves a little room for us to make it stronger or weaker as needed, which is rarer than you’d think on super automatic machines.

The ability to play with the temperature and ratio of milk to foam gives you a genuine latte, cortado, flat white, cappuccino, and so on and so forth. This kind of milk customization really only comes at the top end of super-automatic espresso machines. The more budget-friendly options tend to give you a cappuccino-style foam which does not a flat white or latte make. It would be nice if they’d throw in the milk container though.

Overall the Z10 produces the best coffee quality we’ve had from a super automatic coffee machine, it’s hard to compare side by side with every machine we’ve ever tried, but we certainly have never had noticeably better brews at the touch of a button.

Close up of Jura Z10 brewing espresso
cold brew icon

Does the Jura Z10 Really Make Cold Brew?

This depends on how pedantic you want to be about the term “cold brew”. If you believe that cold brew has to be steeped overnight (or for 24h) to be “true cold brew” then no, it doesn’t.

The Jura Z10 uses a coarser grind and pulses unheated water through the grounds, very slowly extracting the flavor and producing a cool, but not cold, espresso, lungo, coffee, whatever, that is slightly sweeter in style. So in this respect, it absolutely does make cold brew, and it’s rather brilliant, to be honest.

If you’re after a colder iced coffee then we recommend chucking some ice, or even better some reusable whiskey rocks, into your cup before brewing. You’ll get a sweet, rich, beautifully cold, iced coffee in around 2-3 minutes. Cold brew specialty coffees from a machine – incredible stuff when you think about it.

If you’re more of an iced latte/cappuccino drinker, you can turn the milk temperature right down, again chuck ice or whiskey rocks in your cup/glass, and you’ll have beautifully chilled, milk specialty drinks. We think it’s fantastic, the most versatile coffee machine available.

Jura Z10 making cold brew coffee - a unique capability for super automatic coffee machines

Not sure the Jura Z10 is the one for you?

Compare the Jura automatic coffee machines, each with individual reviews, to find your perfect match:

bells and whistles icon

Bells and Whistles

The Z line Jura coffee machines are their most cutting edge range of machines with all the gadgets Jura can think of stuffed in.

The usual suspects of the pulse extraction process, the pre-heating, the getting the bloom, and the grind perfect are all present in the Jura Z10, and most Jura coffee machines to be honest. All with their fancy acronyms and confusing explanations such as “3D brewing” – if anyone has a coffee machine that manages the coffee brewing process in two dimensions, please let us know.

The new and exciting piece of kit is the cold extraction process. As we’ve mentioned above, this means automatically grinding the coffee coarser and using a longer extraction time while pulsing the unheated water through the grounds. A cold espresso takes 2 minutes to extract and has the characteristic sweeter flavor of a cold brewed coffee.

The best thing is that this works for 8 of the specialty coffees offered by the Z10 from espresso to cortado to flat white. Now you’ll need ice or something to make genuinely iced coffee as the milk is still warm and the water is merely not heated rather than chilled. But having the option for cold brew specialty coffees sets the Jura Z10 apart.

cleaning icon

Ease of Cleaning

The Jura Z10 needs extensive cleaning, but it is all very easy.

The Z10 will automatically rinse after use, which is fine as the water tank and drip tray are both huge. The Claris water filter will mean descaling is a very infrequent job and you can see when the next one is due on the app. You do need to be at the machine to perform descaling but the screen takes you through all the steps and it only takes 20 minutes or so.

If you’ve opted for one of Jura’s milk fridges then the tubes will need to be frequently cleaned which, unfortunately, is not so easy. If you’re just using a container, branded or otherwise, then this is much simpler. Jura recommends cleaning the milk system daily, we endorse this whole heartedly as milk systems can get really nasty. This is also mostly done by the machine, so don’t worry.

Jura recommends its own branded cleaning products which are more expensive than others although not outrageously so. Plus, when spending this much on a coffee machine we always feel it’s worth spending a little more on the maintenance too for longevity.

The brew group is fixed and can’t be removed for deep cleaning. Whilst some people don’t like this, it doesn’t seem to cause any issues. If you want to give your Jura Z10 some extra TLC, you can take it to a Jura specialist for cleaning every year or two.

*UPDATE* A fellow coffee geek used a Jura machine for 1 year then dismantled it to check how clean the brewgroup was. It was spotless, Jura’s internal cleaning works perfectly.

versus icon


How does the Z10 compare to other top-end super automatic espresso machines?

Jura Z10 vs Jura Z8

Comparison of features on Jura Z10 and Jura Z8 coffee machines

With the exception of two features, these Jura coffee machines are nearly indistinguishable. Firstly, the Z8 has two boilers compared to the Z10 which only has one. And the Z10 can make cold coffees.

We’ve talked a lot about how good the cold coffee function is on the Jura Z10, assuming you like cold coffee. So, let’s look at the slightly strange decision by Jura to go back to one boiler after having two on the Z8.

So the reason for having dual boilers, as lots of the best super-automatic espresso machines have, is that you have one for coffee and one for milk. This means there’s no need to wait for it to cool down or heat up; instantaneous coffee to milk and back again. Seems sensible.

Now the waiting time between coffee and milk on a single-boiler coffee machine can vary but on the Jura Z10, it’s barely noticeable. They have apparently put in a new steam valve and the “intelligent pre-heating” has removed the need for two thermoblock heating systems.

The latte from the Z10 is much better than from the Z8, so maybe they’re right. But maybe that’s all the other updated stuff like the grinder. We still maintain that making 5+ milk-based drinks in a row will be irritating with the wait, but then who actually does that at home?

You can get some good deals on the Z8 as it’s been discontinued and it’s an incredible coffee maker.

Jura Z8 Espresso Machine, front view

Jura Z10 vs DeLonghi Eletta Explore

DeLonghi has added “over ice” coffees to most of their new espresso machines. These are coffees that are brewed hot, but designed to be poured “over ice” and enjoyed cold. The machines even tell you how many ice cubes to use.

The Eletta Explore is a step above this by also offering “cold foamed milk.” You get a full menu of “over ice” coffees which will be brewed at a lower temperature, around 165F (75C), with the aim being to have the drinks enjoyed at around 50F (10C). So not ice cold, but definitely cold.

There is a separate milk container for cold foamed milk, around 68F (20C), which is kind of annoying but considering this machine is under $2000, this is amazing functionality.

The downside? Nothing is as good as the Jura. The coffee quality isn’t as good, the milk isn’t as good, the cold brewed drinks aren’t as good, and there aren’t anywhere near the same customization options. You also get less coffee options, though basically all of them are available hot and cold

But if you want the ability to make those iced coffees but the Jura is just too far out of your price range, the Eletta Explore is amazing value for money and will keep people who enjoy coffee but aren’t obsessed with it very happy indeed.

Side view of the DeLonghi Eletta Explore
Love iced coffee but can’t justify the Z10 price tag? The Eletta Explore could be perfect for you.

Jura Z10 vs Breville Oracle Touch

Breville has taken a very different approach to the high-end espresso machine market. They’ve kept the “classic” espresso machine looks with the portafilter and milk wand but added automatic elements to make being a home barista very simple.

The Oracle Touch is considerably cheaper than the Z10 but it lacks the cold brewing ability. It’s also technically not a “super automatic” as you have to move the portafilter from the grinding and tamping dock to the brew group. Egregious really.

What it does do is give you far more control over the coffee as you get 45 grind settings, up to 22g dose, and a steam wand that you can use manually if you want. You can also buy bottomless portafilters if you prefer and really get into the weeds of espresso.

There is still the touchscreen to select and customize drinks if you don’t want all the work of doing things yourself. But it is slightly more work to use than the Z10. It’s also cheaper to run as it doesn’t require as many cleaning products as the Z10. But again, this means more manual cleaning by you.

We love the Oracle Touch, and if you’re not into cold brew coffee then it’s worth a look as it’s much cheaper than the Z10. But if cold coffee is your jam, then it can’t hold a candle to the Z10.

Breville Oracle Touch sitting on a table
Espresso perfection rather than iced coffee? The Breville Oracle Touch offers incredible customization.

Jura Z10 vs Gaggia Accademia

Gaggia recently launched an upgraded version of the Accademia and it is beau-ti-ful. One of the few machines that is better to look at than the Jura range.

It isn’t purely an aesthetic upgrade though, the new Accademia comes with 17 coffees, 2 temperatures of hot water for tea, and a manual steam wand for latte art. There are also upgrades to the strength, pre-infusion, and milk foam customization options.

It doesn’t hold a candle to the drinks or customization options of the Z10. No cold brew coffee drinks, only 5 strength settings (max dose 12.5g), and only 8 grind settings. It does have 4 user profiles for saving custom drinks, which may be easier for some than using the app or saving them to different screens on the Z10.

Once again though it is also much cheaper than the Z10. So if looks are what you want, as well as great coffee, then maybe the Accademia is a good option to look at. But in a pure “which makes better coffee and the largest range of coffees” contest, it falls well short.

Front view of the Gaggia Accademia whilst turned on
Great looking, great espresso, great price. The Gaggia Accademia is beautiful top end machine.
best coffee option icon

Refurbished Jura Coffee Machines

I’m a big fan of refurbished models as a way to reduce waste and get a bargain at the same time. In fact, our first espresso machine was a refurb and started our love affair with home coffee making.

While you won’t be able to get brand new machines like the Z10 refurbished, you can get some slightly older Jura models at amazing discounts.

These coffee makers look like they’re brand new and come with a 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee, new ones come with 2 years. Considering the quality of the build on Jura machines, I’d be expecting 5-10 years’ use out of them if properly maintained.

1st in Coffee has an excellent selection of refurbished Jura coffee makers so you can grab yourself a bargain.

final thoughts icon

Final Thoughts on our Jura Z10 Review

At over $4000 for a coffee machine, however you slice it, that’s a lot of money. Jura lives in its own pricing structure world and they work on the principle that even other quality coffee machines aren’t really comparable to theirs. With the Z10, they’re right.

This is the first coffee machine that does cold specialty coffees at the touch of a button, so I guess they can charge whatever they like.

That is the main point with the Jura Z10, do you want cold brew specialty coffee? If you don’t, there are many other coffee machines like the Jura E8 or Breville Oracle Touch which are significantly cheaper, look stunning, and will make vastly superior brews than the average pod coffee machine.

Overall, the Z10 is an innovative coffee machine that is worth every penny of the price tag. If you can afford to spend this much, it is the overall best coffee machine on the market. The looks, build quality, functionality, and quality of coffee and milk foam are all as good – or better – than other coffee machines available. This is ultimately all you need to know. The only major issue I found in our Jura Z10 review is that they don’t include a milk container, which says a lot.

Don’t forget to buy your Jura Z10 On Amazon | On 1st in Coffee


Matt Woodburn-Simmonds

Matt's coffee obsession started in 2006 when working as a Barista. A tendency to turn up to work hungover kickstarted his coffee journey which quickly turned into a love affair. As he moved on to work as a Restaurant Manager and Sommelier, the obsession continued to grow. Now, his passion is helping others to enjoy better coffee at home.

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