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About Us

We can’t make it through the day without great coffee. But not just for the jolt of caffeine, but because it is one of life’s great pleasures. One that should be allowed to shine and be enjoyed.

Having both spent a lifetime working in the hospitality industry in all roles from barista, to sommelier, to operations and ordering, we have built up an extensive knowledge of all things coffee.

Our aim is to help you get the maximum enjoyment from every cup of coffee, no matter how much (or little) experience you already have.

So, Home Coffee Expert offers an unbiased resource on all things coffee related. Our goal is to help you make great-tasting coffee at home every single time.

Meet the Team

Matt Woodburn-Simmonds

Matt Woodburn-Simmonds

My love of coffee started when I was still a student. I was working as a Barista but at the time, my main goal was to get a caffeine hit to help me deal with my hangovers.

After spending hours dialing in espresso (then re-dialing when someone else touched the machine), an obsession with the black stuff was born.

I moved on to be a Restaurant Manager and Sommelier but I handled coffee sourcing, ordering, and service in all the restaurants I worked in for well over a decade. Now, I share my passion and knowledge for coffee accumulated over a long-term coffee obsession. I believe that coffee should be simple and accessible to everyone. So expect a no-BS approach to the world of coffee.

Favorite Coffee Beans: Yirgacheffe Light Roast

Preferred Brewing Method: Pour Over

Katie Woodburn-Simmonds

Katie Woodburn-Simmonds

Starting work at a local restaurant at 16, I was introduced to the joys of coffee and espresso to keep my energy up on the long busy shifts. But my journey from energy hit to outright obsession took a little longer:

It wasn’t until I started trying coffee beans from around the world that my love affair really started.

Having a sweet tooth, I have a penchant for rich, sweet coffee drinks like Vietnamese style egg coffee. I would happily drink it every day, but Matt claims it wouldn’t be good for my health!

When we visited Rwanda, I fell in love with the country, the people and the coffee. Seeing first-hand what it was like for coffee farmers made me obsessive about sourcing ethical coffee beans. Beans that are grown with the best environmental practices and which ensure a fair wage for the workers.

Favorite Coffee Beans: Rwandan Medium Roast

Preferred Brewing Method: Pour Over

Our Editorial Standards

Throughout the Home Coffee Expert website, you will find recommendations for coffee makers, gear, and beans. Everything we recommend will deliver your best home coffee-drinking experience so we do extensive testing to ensure we know everything we recommend inside out. 

We want to make sure there are no surprises when you get your awesome new piece of coffee gear. We let you know exactly what the experience of using your new coffee machine/grinder/accessory/beans will be, giving you total confidence that you’re choosing the right one. 

We don’t produce sponsored content and will declare any time that something is given to us for free to test. We’re under no obligation to be nice about what we review, and sometimes we aren’t.

Getting the best home coffee setup can be time-consuming, this is where we want to help by giving you our expertise and honest opinions. We will save you time and money, allowing you to get down to the important business: Drinking the best cup of coffee possible at home or on the road. 

Happy Caffeinating!