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Nespresso Vertuo Plus Review

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By Matt Woodburn-Simmonds

Do you want high-quality coffee in the comfort of your own home? But, also the complete ease of using a pod machine? Then, the VertuoPlus could be just the one for you. The Vertuo line uses different pods and brewing technology to produce better coffee with Nespresso ease.

Though more expensive than many other pod machines, the Nespresso VertuoPlus delivers a better coffee experience with just as much ease. You are limited in your choice of pods and they cost more than the average ones. But you’re rewarded with better coffee, and ultimately that’s what we’re after.

If this sounds like something relevant to your coffee interests keep reading for our complete Nespresso VertuoPlus review and buying guide. Armed with this you can discern if this is the perfect Nespresso machine for you.

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At a Glance: Nespresso Vertuo Plus Review

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The Nespresso VertuoPlus isn’t the cheapest single serve out there. But the point is that the Vertuoline pods give you a much higher quality coffee experience.

We think the VertuoPlus pods are a significant upgrade on regular Nespresso ones. While the options are limited, in reality you’ll definitely find one you like. Plus only having to push one button makes it even easier to operate than other single serve machines.

You can only make one coffee at a time so preapring the full Sunday Brunch crowd worth of espressos is going to take time. But they’ll all be perfect.

No, the coffee quality won’t be better than an expert barista using fresh ground beans. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t very enjoyable. Giving up some quality for convenience is the trade off with all single serve machines.


  • Rich, full-bodied coffee with thick crema
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Excellent build quality
  • Heats up quickly
  • Large selection of Vertuo pods available
  • Big water reservoir


  • Tied to more expensive Vertuo line capsules with less choice
  • Coffee not as good as fresh ground
  • No milk frother

Average Rating

  • Coffee Quality: 8.0/10
  • Ease of Use: 10/10
  • Value for Money: 9.0/10
  • Overall Rating: 9.0/10
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Key Features Review

1. Centrifusion Extraction Technology

Centrifusion extraction technology works by punching holes around the edges of the capsule and one in the top, then spinning the capsule at 7000 rpm to get even extraction through the pod. It’s quieter than a vibration pump and produces excellent coffee.

2. Capsule Specific Brewing

Each Vertuo coffee pod has a barcode on it. This is read by the Nespresso VertuoPlus using its internal barcode scanner. Doing so allows the machine to customize its extraction settings, utilizing a specific, optimized program for each specific blend.

3. Fast Heat-Up Time

When you turn on this espresso machine, it takes less than 30 seconds to warm up and be ready to brew your coffee. This is incredibly quick and means that first sweet sip will be with you in no time.

4. Lots of Capsule Options

Vertuo capsules are expensive. But there are 28 coffee capsule options, everything from Single Origin to seasonal flavored coffee. So, whilst you’re tied into Nespresso Vertuo capsules, there are plenty of choices.

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Is the VertuoPlus Easy to use?

The VertuoPlus is extremely easy to use. Place the capsule inside and press the button. The machine does the rest.

Press the lever to open. thetop of the machine, place your capsule in face down, close the lid and press the button. Done.

The internal barcode scanner will determine how much water is needed for your chosen capsule. So, there’s no need for any other buttons. You really couldn’t have a simpler coffee machine design.

Nespresso Vertuo Plus with the lid open to place a coffee capsule inside

The downside to this is you can’t change anything. So if you want an espresso but only have 5oz coffee capsules left then you’re stuck with 5oz coffee.

Other Nespresso machines like the Pixie have buttons for a single espresso, double espresso, and long coffee. And you can have whatever length you like from whichever capsule. This causes its own issues with using too long extraction for pods designed for shorter coffee leading to bitter cups. But maybe that’s what you like.

With the Vertuo Plus, all that (admittedly small) flexibility is gone in favor of simplicity. In theory, this means each capsule is prepared optimally. So you’re getting better coffee.

Honestly, I think the Vertuo coffee is much better than the regular Nespresso. This is probably down to the different extraction method rather than the barcode scanning. But in our test we found the depth of flavor from the VertuoPlus to be much better than other Nespresso machines.

There’s a helpful light to indicate whether your machine is ready, heating up, brewing coffee, etc. It’s not as helpful as a screen but much more aesthetically pleasing.

Close up of the 'make coffee' button on the Nespresso Vertuo Plus
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What Pods Does Nespresso Vertuo Plus Use?

The Nespresso Vertuo system only works with official Vertuo pods. You can’t use non-branded ones, nor can you use Original Nespresso pods.

This does limit you to the 28 or so variations that are available. Although that is plenty for most people looking for a single-serve machine. Plus, the available options give you 4 different drink sizes to work with. You can get Espresso (1.5oz), Gran Lungo (5oz), Coffee (8oz), and Alto (14oz).

But, this does create a couple of other potential issues:

Firstly the Vertuo pods are considerably more expensive than the Original Nespresso pods. They work out at around 80 cents per pod, regular Nespresso pods are around 60 cents per pod. If you had a super automatic espresso machine using 16g of coffee per serving it would cost 75 cents per coffee using high-quality, single-origin coffee beans that have been sustainably sourced.

So your running costs are a little higher. Your initial cost is also higher than a standard Nespresso machine. But much lower than even the cheapest super automatic.

Nespresso has greatly improved the ease with which you can recycle your pods recently. You can fill a special bag and hand it to the courier when they bring your new ones. Or hand them into a store or recycling center.

Box of Nespresso Vertuo coffee pods beside the Vertuo Plus coffee maker
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Design and Build Quality Review

The Nespresso Vertuo Plus is 16.5 inches tall by 5.6 inches wide by 12.8 inches deep. Whilst this makes it quite a tall machine, it is very narrow so and has a small overall footprint.

The water tank is also movable, which is surprisingly handy if you’re short on space. The 5.6-inch width is when the water tank is directly in line with the rest of the machine. Otherwise it’s closer to 9 inches wide.

Using the swivel arm, you can have the water tank either at the back or to the side of the machine. I found it quite annoying that I had to remove the tank to get to the used capsule container though. Small things matter.

Overall, the VertuoPlus has a very sleek design. There is a silver handle that pops up, revealing space for the capsule. Tap again to close, and push the button to make your coffee or espresso.

The body is made of shiny plastic – the type that looks dusty a lot faster than you want it to. It comes in black, the one we used, titanium, and grey. Obviously titanium and grey are very different colors.

As with most Nespresso machines, it’s built to blend in, not stand out.

Everything about the build quality is excellent – every part looks and feels sturdy.

Nespresso machines are always solidly built and tend to manage quite a few years of regular use. Just make sure to properly descale your machine when prompted in order to maintain the machine’s life.

The used capsule container, located at the back, is large enough to hold around 10 capsules. This is a big improvement over earlier Nespresso coffee makers that could only store a couple of spent coffee capsules.

A common problem with espresso machines is a dripping nozzle. But, you won’t find this on the Vertuo This is maybe more of a looks thing as it means the drip tray didn’t get all coffee stained after every use. A big improvement for the lazier of us.

You’ll mostly find the VertuoPlus made by DeLonghi or Breville. It’s the same machine regardless of which you choose, it’s just been outsourced to a different Manufacturer to be built.

Side view of the Nespresso Vertuo Plus and water tank
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How Good is the Coffee?

Nespresso makes a big deal out of their “centrifusion extraction technology” used in the Vertuo line. This technology spins the capsules up to 7,000 times per minute whilst pushing water through the ground coffee.

Doing so means that the coffee is always good from the Nespresso Vertuo Plus:

It is incredibly consistent, it always has a full body, good taste, and an excellent crema. We made 5 or 6 in a row at times and they’ll came out exactly the same. No mean feat.

Each capsule has a barcode around the edge. This instructs the machine to use the right amount of water and pressure for that specific coffee. So, the Vertuo Plus will always get the best out of each capsule which is very impressive.

Will this single-serve machine compete with your local barista’s single-origin espresso made on a professional-grade espresso machine?

No – the nuance simply won’t be there. Plus, you don’t have anywhere near the same amount of choice as you would if you were buying fresh coffee beans or even ground coffee.

But, what you will have is consistently good coffee. It doesn’t matter how tired/ hungover/ busy you are, the quality and waste will always be the same. And, in our tired eyes, that’s a big plus.

There is zero skill or effort involved in using the Vertuo Plus. This makes it perfect for anyone who is too busy, or has no desire, to perfect their home espresso making techniques. Beginners and old-hands alike can open the box and get straight to quality coffee.

Cup of coffee being freshly made by the Nespresso Vertuo Plus
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Bells and Whistles

The fancy centrifusion technology inside the machine definitely qualifies as added “bells and whistles”. Yet, this is a very basic Nespresso machine.

There is no milk frother and no hot water button. Basically, there’s no messing around:

Capsule in, push button, drink coffee.

If you’re a fan of foamed milk coffees, you will need to buy a separate milk foamer to make these at home or at the office. To help with this, you will often find deals that include the Aeroccino – Nespresso’s milk frother – alongside the VertuoPlus.

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Is it Easy to Clean?

In a word: Very.

On a day-to-day basis, all you need to do is empty the capsule bin (it will hold up to 10 capsules) and refill the water tank.

The drip tray stays remarkably clean as the nozzle doesn’t drip. But it will need emptied every few days, even drip free.

Plus, the coffee machine only requires descaling every 6 months or so. Of course, Nespresso sells its own descaling fluid which it is recommended you use. But that’s the world you buy into with one of these machines, and basically all espresso machines these days.

Being incredibly low maintenance is another reason why single-serve machines are so popular. They are a perfect espresso or coffee machine choice for those who love their coffee but not all the effort that can go into it.

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What is the Difference Between the Nespresso Vertuo and Vertuo Plus?

The main differences are in the design:

The Vertuo Plus has a sleeker design and a larger water tank.

As an added bonus, you can choose where to position the water tank thanks to the VertuoPlus’ swivel arm. This means it can fit into smaller spaces that the Vertuo just wouldn’t manage.

On the Vertuo Plus, the machine head opens and closes automatically. You have to do this yourself on the Vertuo which is hardly a big ask, but a difference nonetheless.

Finally, the VertuoPlus is much quieter than the previous Vertuo coffee makers.

However, both machines use centrifusion extraction technology. So, regardless of which you choose, you will get a high-quality coffee from the capsules.

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Nespresso Vertuo Range

There are 5 models in the Vertuo range. Evoluo, Vertuo, VertuoNext, VertuoPlus, and VertuoPlus deluxe. As the capsules dictate what your coffee will be, there isn’t really very much between these machines in that respect.

There are larger water tanks, larger capsule containers, slimmer bodies, and different heat-up times. But really there isn’t much difference at all. It’s mostly a looks and physical machine size consideration.

The VertuoNext is the newest model which is actually the smallest machine size. We think the VeruoPlus is the best balance of heat-up time, capacity, and price. Especially as it is frequently on sale.

Battle icon

Nespresso Vertuo Plus vs DeLonghi Stilosa

Two very different approaches to coffee at the budget end of the espresso spectrum. But which is better?

Another option at the budget end of the espresso-making spectrum is the DeLonghi Stilosa. The DeLonghi Stilosa is a little cheaper than the Vertuo Plus but it requires you to do a lot more work.

The DeLonghi Stilosa is a semi-automatic espresso maker. You’re in control of all the elements of making your espresso other than heating the water and generating pressure.

The good part of this is that you can use any coffee that you like. You can nail down your perfect grind, dose, and extraction time for a really good espresso. With a quality grinder, you can produce a better espresso shot than the Vertuo Plus.

The downside is that this is obviously a lot more work than the Nespresso Vertuo Plus. It’s also a lot more cleaning and you’ll need to spend extra for a grinder.

If convenience is your goal then the Vertuo Plus is clearly the better option. However, if you’re looking for great espresso on a budget, the DeLonghi Stilosa and a good grinder, like the 1Zpresso JX-Pro, will give you better coffee in the long run.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, the Nespresso VertuoPlus makes quality coffee with minimal fuss and almost no cleaning or maintenance is required.

It really is a very good espresso machine for the price. But you need to completely commit and buy into the Nespresso way of doing things.

The capsules are expensive and limited. And everything you buy for this machine has to be Nespresso branded.

We enjoyed the coffee from the VertuoPlus, we feel it’s a real step up from standard Nespresso and worth the extra money.

All things considered, our Nespresso Vertuo Plus review verdict is positive. This is a great single-serve machine for anyone who prioritizes speed, ease, and quality. Especially for anyone who doesn’t want much cleanup. Or maybe someone who is new to home espresso and coffee making.

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Matt Woodburn-Simmonds

Matt's coffee obsession started in 2006 when working as a Barista. A tendency to turn up to work hungover kickstarted his coffee journey which quickly turned into a love affair. As he moved on to work as a Restaurant Manager and Sommelier, the obsession continued to grow. Now, his passion is helping others to enjoy better coffee at home.

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