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101+ Pawsome Coffee Names for Dogs

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By Matt Woodburn-Simmonds

Staring into the eyes of your new furry best friend is a moment filled with love but also with pressure. How do you come up with a name that measures up to their personality? Well, if you’re a coffee lover the task is a little easier with this list of 101+ coffee names for dogs. (We got carried away and lost count after 101!)

Your love of coffee is a great place to take inspiration from for naming your dog. It’s likely that they will both drag you out of bed in the morning and will be a much-needed pick-me-up on a tough day. Plus, there are about as many ways to enjoy your java as there are dog breeds.

So grab a cup of the good stuff and pour over this list for inspiration. With so many options to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find a name that’s a perfect blend of your pup’s personality and looks. We paw-mise to *try* and keep the puns to a minimum.

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Our Chair-Dog, Scoop, asleep on the job
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How to Choose the Pawfect Name

Before you choose a coffee name for your fur baby, there are a couple of things you should consider. Being armed with the answers will save you from barking up the wrong tree:

  1. What color are they? Maybe you have a perfectly cappuccino-colored dog, or are they more of a dark brown mocha? Or a black dog could fit perfectly with the name of a darker style of coffee. The color of your dog can be a great starting place for narrowing down your dog name options.
  2. How big are they? Is your dog a piccolo? Or more of a Venti latte? Maybe you love the irony of calling your toy poodle by a “large dog” name or calling your Great Dane “Cafecito.” Aligning or juxtaposing your dog’s size with a coffee name is always fun.
  3. What breed is your dog? Some breeds just lend themselves perfectly to certain names. Like a Cavalier spaniel called Kahve (Turkish for coffee) or maybe your dog is a perfect blend like Mocha Java.
  4. How practical is the name? Ultimately it has to be a name that’s easy to say and that you’re comfortable shouting in the park. If it’s too long or just a little awkward then you’ll soon regret having to tell people or try and recall your dog using their name. Running around a park shouting “Bear” may not go down so well…
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Internationally-Inspired Coffee Names for Dogs

Coffee is popular the world over. So let’s kick things off with some jet-setting, internationally inspired names for dogs that are global translations of the word “coffee”:

  • Coffee – Sometimes the simplest names are the best. As a classic brown-black drink, this name would suit a darker brown dog.
  • Kopi – The Malay word for coffee used in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.
  • Cafe – Take inspiration from the French with this short and sweet name. It would work great for a Frenchie or other dog breeds with French beginnings.
  • Kohi – Written コーヒー but pronounced koh-hee, this is the Japanese word for coffee.
  • Kahawa – Translation of coffee from Swahili.
  • Kahve – Coffee is a key part of Turkish culture and “kahve” (pronounced ka-vay), is the Turkish word for it. Would make a cute name for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or crossbreed.
  • Cafecito – In parts of Latin America, adding ‘ito’ to the end of names adds affection/ friendliness or indicates a smaller version of the original. So this would be a cute name for a small dog.
  • Buna – As the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia needed to be represented on this list. Buna (boo-nuh) is the English translation of “coffee” in Amharic, the official language of Ethiopia. This would be a super cute name for a boisterous, energetic dog.
  • Joe – Not a translation of coffee but a popular nickname used around the world.
Dog named Coffee
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Coffee Drink Dog Names

Next up, let’s look to the drinks menu for some fun coffee names for dogs. Each is inspired by a coffee drink from different parts of the globe:

Traditional Drinks

  • Cappuccino – A popular drink made from equal parts espresso, milk, and foam. This name would suit a few different dogs, for example, one with a fluffy coat (like the fluffy milk foam), a light brown and white dog, or simply a doggo with a playful personality.
  • Espresso – As a small, concentrated shot of coffee, this would be a perfect name for a small, energetic dog.
  • Doppio – A double shot of espresso and a great coffee-inspired dog name fit for an energetic pup that has boundless energy.
  • Ristretto – Or Rizzo for short. It’s a smaller, more intense espresso making it ideal for a small but powerful boy dog.
  • Piccolo – In Italian, piccolo means “small” and, in the coffee world, it’s a milky espresso drink with a silky milk foam on top. A great name for a teeny pup like a Chihuahua or mini Frenchie.
  • Lungo – Also known as a “long shot”, this name was made for a dachshund.
  • Bica – In certain areas of Portugal, bica refers to a drink similar to the Italian lungo.
  • Mocha – A chocolatey espresso drink made with steamed milk and chocolate, it would suit a chocolate-colored dog like a Labrador.
  • Latte – This would suit a gentle and affectionate dog, like the milk milky flavor of a latte.
  • Cortado – A Spanish drink made from equal amounts of espresso and steamed milk. It’s a strong and sweet drink.
  • Macchiato – An espresso shot with a small amount of steamed milk on top. It translates from Italian as “stained” so would suit a dog with unique markings or one different colored spot.
  • Decaf – The shortened name for a decaffeinated coffee, this would suit a docile, gentle dog.

International Coffees

  • Chai – Translated from Hindi, “chai” actually means tea. But the Chai Latte is increasingly popular as a milky, spicy drink made with either tea or coffee. So it would suit a dog with an equally spicy, unique personality.
  • Muoi – Cà phê muối (salt coffee) is a relatively recent addition to the Vietnamese coffee scene. Muối (pronounced moy) means salt so would be a unique name for a white dog.
  • Den – Cà phê đen (black coffee) is a staple in Vietnam. It’s a short and sweet name that would suit any dog.
  • Sua – Another name from Vietnam, cà phê sữa is a milk coffee so sua (soo-ah) would be a cute name for a cream-colored pup.
  • Magic – Of all these coffee names for dogs, this will likely prove the most popular with any children in your home. It’s an Australian invention similar to a flat white but made with ristretto.
  • Breve – America’s answer to the latte is made with steamed half-and-half rather than regular milk. Pronounced breh-vay, this would perfectly suit a dog that’s a little bit extra.
  • Freddo – Maybe more commonly associated with frogs than dogs but in the coffee world, this is an iced espresso topped with frothy milk.
  • Dalgona – This drink took the world by storm during the Coronavirus lockdowns. It’s made from instant coffee, sugar, and hot water whipped up and mixed with milk.
  • Frappe – Hailing from Greece, this is a frothy, iced coffee made with instant coffee, sugar, and water. This would suit a fun-loving, energetic doggo.
  • Panna – Short for espresso con panna which is espresso topped with whipped cream. This would suit a delicate and refined dog like an Italian Greyhound or Saluki.
  • Susu – Kopi Susu is an Indonesian coffee made with strong black coffee and condensed milk. A perfect fit for a girl dog with a sweet personality.
  • Joss – Another great coffee name for a female dog, Kopi Joss is an unusual drink from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It’s made by adding flaming hot charcoal to the top of the loose coffee grounds, water, and boiling water.
  • Tubruk – Another Indonesian-inspired name, this time from the island of Java. It refers to a coffee brewed with coarse coffee grounds and a lump of sugar.
  • Touba – From the Senegalese spicy, aromatic coffee, Café Touba, which is flavored with cloves and selim pepper.
Dachshund dressed as a barista with a speech bubble saying "Would you like to add a pup-cup to your order?"
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Coffee Bean Names for Dogs

With over 120 different varieties of coffee out there, there is plenty of inspiration we can take from bean types that would be great coffee related dog names.

  • Beans – Kicking off with one of my favorite coffee dog names; it’s simple but super cute.
  • Arabica – The most commonly used bean type in the specialty coffee market.
  • Robusta – Another popular coffee bean that’s mostly used in blends. As it’s a hardy plant, resilient to many diseases and tough environments, it would be a great fit for a rescue dog.
  • Excelsa – Pretty uncommon, this variety of Liberica coffee is naturally lower in caffeine. It would suit a more docile and unique pup.
  • Liberica (Libby for short) – Hard to find on its own, Liberica is more commonly used in blends. It became popular when coffee least rust destroyed the world’s Arabica stocks.
  • Java – Both a nickname used for coffee around the world and a type of coffee bean.
  • Caturra – Discovered in Brazil, this is a particularly small coffee plant (it means small in the indigenous Guarani language) making it a great fit for a little dog like a Jack Russell or dachshund.
  • Luwak – A specialty Indonesian coffee where the raw cherries are eaten, fermented, and then excreted by civet cats. While sometimes also called “poop coffee”, luwak feels like a nicer dog name (although also fitting for a particularly naughty pup!)
  • Kona – Kona coffee is the local name for coffee cultivated in the Kona Districts of Hawaii’s Big Island. It makes a beautiful name for a female dog, particularly a bigger breed like a Rottweiler or Staffy.
  • Sumatra – A locally given name for the Typica plant when grown in Sumatra, Indonesia.
  • Maragogipe (Margo for short) – Also known as elephant beans as they’re the largest coffee variety in the world. A name befitting a big dog like a Great Dane or Newfoundland.
  • Bourbon – An heirloom variety of Arabica, first taken to the island of Bourbon (now called Réunion) in the Indian Ocean.
  • Geisha – Panama Geisha coffee is considered one of the best (and most expensive) coffees in the world. So this name would suit a particularly majestic, graceful dog.
  • Harrar – There are many Harrar varieties found throughout Ethiopia and Rwanda. It could also be shortened to Harry.
  • Catuai – A hybrid variety found in Central America.
  • Pacas – A dwarf plant with a sweet, caramel flavor – a perfect match for a little Corgi.
  • Sarchi – Mostly found in Costa Rica, it thrives in strong winds and high altitudes. So another good fit for a rescue dog that’s survived tough times before finding their forever home.
  • Pache – A natural mutation found throughout Central and South America. Pronounced pa-chay, it’s a name befitting a fun-loving dog.
  • Starmaya – Another coffee inspired dog name that’s sure to go down well with your children, particularly if shortened to Star.
  • Catimor – A large group of coffee varieties that include Caturra as one of the parents.
  • Fronton – A more formal-sounding name, this variety is popular in Puerto Rico.
  • Timor – The Timor Hybrid is a naturally occurring cross between Arabica and Robusta, discovered on the island of Timor.
  • Jember – The unofficial name for the less catchy “S-795”, it’s an important Indonesian coffee bean. Plus, it’s a really cute name for an outdoor-loving, playful pup.
  • Maracaturra/ Maracatu – A cross between Maragogipe and Caturra, found in Nicaragua.
  • Peaberry – This is a rare anomaly where only one bean is inside the coffee cherry rather than two. So it’s a name befitting a sweet and unique dog.
  • Cherry – Coffee beans actually come from the coffee cherry, grown on trees. This would make a great name for a girl dog.
Happy dog with text "They call me beans... because I'm full of them!"
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Dog Names Inspired by Coffee Ingredients

  • Caramel – A sweet name for a dog with a warm and friendly disposition.
  • Au Lait – Meaning ‘with milk’ in French.
  • Sugar – Names don’t get any sweeter.
  • Cinnamon – Perfect for a dog with a fiery and spirited personality.
  • Cocoa – Great name for a dark-colored dog like a chocolate lab.
  • Leche – Meaning milk in Spanish, any creamy coffee-colored dog would suit this name.
  • Honey – A sweet name for a sweet female dog.
  • Vanilla – Popular choice in flavored coffees, this would suit a black and white dog.
  • Hazelnut – This is the perfect choice if your dog is warm but a little bit nutty.
  • Ginger – For coffee with a spicy kick, this would suit an energetic and spirited canine.
  • Pumpkin – Fall and PSL lovers of the world unite. A ginger or reddish-colored dog would suit this name.
  • Biscotti – A little sweet treat often served on the side of your coffee cup.
  • Biscuits – This one might cause a little confusion between the treatos and your pup, but an adorable name for a light brown dog, especially a doodle.
Happy dog with his tongue out and speech bubble saying "Did someone say Biscuits?!"
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Dog Names Based on Coffee Gear

Lots of coffee gear would be a little cumbersome to shout in the park – “Super-Automatic Espresso Machine, come!” just doesn’t have a good ring to it. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some great inspiration for dog names:

  • Brew – There are plenty of types of coffee maker to choose from, but they all have one thing in common: they brew coffee.
  • Demi – Short for “demitasse”, this is the small cup used for espresso and would be a super cute name for a girl dog.
  • Ibrik – A long-handled and usually ornate pot used to make Turkish coffee. This would make a great name for a Turkish dog breed like the Anatolian Shepherd, or one with a long tail.
  • Phin – A unique drip coffee brewer used when making coffee in Vietnam, and maybe one of the more “normal” sounding names.
  • Tamper – Ideal for a dog that’s strong and reliable, this is a tool used to evenly pack (or “tamp”) espresso grounds into the basket of an espresso machine.
  • Scoop – Another super cute coffee dog name referring to the tool used to “scoop” out the right amount of coffee beans/ ground coffee.
  • Cuppa – Commonly used in Britain to refer to a cup of tea, but it also works for a cup of coffee.
  • Cupper – Pretty similar to the last coffee dog name, but this time referring to the process of cupping which is how the pros evaluate coffee quality. Perfect for a dapper sort of dog.
  • Aero – Short for AeroPress, an incredibly versatile manual coffee maker. This would suit a fast-paced, zoomie-loving doggo.
  • Roaster – Green coffee beans need to go through a roaster to bring you the delicious beans you use to make your daily cup of joe. Great match for a big dog.
  • Moka – An iconic Italian coffee maker that’s remained unchanged since Bialetti invented it in the 1930s. A great name for a classic dog breed.
  • Grinder – This would be a strong name for a tough, well-built dog.
  • Siphon (or Si for short)Siphon coffee makers look like they’re straight out of a science lab.
  • Nitro – Nitrogen is added to cold brew via a tap (just like beer) to make nitro cold brew. I love this as a name for a little pocket rocket of a dog like a whippet.
Aero - dog named inspired by coffee gear, the AeroPress
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Starbucks Dog Names

Let’s turn to the coffee giant, Starbucks for a little inspiration next:

  • Frappuccino – Starbucks’ answer to a cold dessert in a cup, it’s sometimes a cappuccino-style drink but other times there’s no coffee in it at all.
  • Venti – The Italian word for 20 and the name given to the 20oz cups used at Starbucks.
  • Pike – Inspired by Starbucks’ signature Pike Place Roast, this would be a perfect fit for a furry friend who loves sniffing out new adventures.
  • Star – Simply by shortening the coffee institution’s name, we have a cute dog name.
  • Buck – Another shortened version of the coffee franchise’s name, this would be a great choice for a male dog.
  • Cino – Short for cappuccino, frappuccino, or puppuccino – the dog-friendly espresso cup of whipped cream.
Hardworking dog wearing a shirt with a phone, cup of coffee and pen in front of him, text says "The name's Buck. But you can call me Mr Buck"
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Coffee Brands as Dog Names

There are also several coffee brand names that would suit your new dog:

  • Bialetti – An Italian coffee company that invented the Moka pot.
  • Kalita (or Kali) – Family-owned Japanese coffee company that makes equipment like the Kalita Wave.
  • Wave – Also named after the Kalita Wave pour over dripper.
  • Hario – Another Japanese coffee company that makes a range of coffee gear including the Hario V60.
  • Jura – When it comes to automatic espresso machines, Jura is the best of the best. It’s also the name of a Scottish island, famed for whiskey so it works on many levels.
  • Dunkin – Whilst not the biggest name in the specialty coffee market, they keep millions caffeinated (and in donuts) each day.
  • Peet – Based in California, Peet’s Coffee turned the tables for American coffee culture. It was Mr. Peet who trained and provided the initial beans for Starbucks.
  • Blue – From Blue Bottle Coffee, another California-based coffee roaster.
  • Maxwell – Maxwell House is an American coffee brand and a name befitting a big dog like a Great Dane or a Mastiff.
  • Folger – Folgers Coffee are another giant of the American coffee scene.
  • Illy – An Italian company that sells a range of machines and coffee beans globally.
  • Nessy – Short for Nespresso.
  • Juan – After Juan Valdez, a giant of the Latin American coffee scene. This would suit a charismatic charm or of Latin American descent.
  • Hugo – A smaller brand than some of the others on this list but Hugo Coffee Roasters are named after their founder’s rescue dog, Hugo. And, as they donate a portion of their profits to dog charities, I can’t think of a more fitting name for a rescue.
Dog on it's back beside a cup of espresso. Text bubble says "They call me Jura. I think it means 'Goodest Boy'"
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Other Names Inspired by Coffee

To finish up we have the “best of the rest” section. All still coffee names for dogs, just without a specific banner to fall under:

  • Puck – Doubles up if you’re a big hockey fan but it’s also the name of the disc of spent grounds after making an espresso.
  • Bloom – When a little water is poured over a bed of coffee grounds and allows trapped CO2 gases to escape. A blooming good name for a sweet girl dog.
  • Pitbull – If it’s good enough for the rapper, it’s good enough for your doggo. Could be a little ‘on the nose’ for a pitbull or an interesting choice for a Shih Tzu.
  • Kaldi – The name of an Ethiopian goat herder who is believed to be the first person to discover coffee.
  • Affogato – A dog name inspired by the Italian coffee dessert where espresso is poured over ice cream.
  • Tiramisu – Another Italian dessert, tiramisu is layers of coffee steeped sponge and cream.
  • Brewster – A great name for a dog who’s always brewing up excitement and fun.
  • Crema – That velvety layer on top of your espresso shot would be an ideal choice for a Goldendoodle.
  • Perky – Both dogs and coffee have the ability to perk us up, this would best suit a lively pup.
  • Buzz – Not just for astronauts, it’s also a great name for an energetic live-wire.
A tiny puppy in the grass with the text "My name's Tiramisu but please don't eat me!"
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Final Thoughts

So there you have it: the ultimate list of 101+ pawsome coffee names for dogs. I hope you’ve found some inspiration and the perfect fit to suit your new best friend.


Matt Woodburn-Simmonds

Matt's coffee obsession started in 2006 when working as a Barista. A tendency to turn up to work hungover kickstarted his coffee journey which quickly turned into a love affair. As he moved on to work as a Restaurant Manager and Sommelier, the obsession continued to grow. Now, his passion is helping others to enjoy better coffee at home.

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